What is Discernment?

Discernment is about making choices, making decisions in our life.
  • Some decisions are small: What will I eat for lunch?
  • Some decisions are big: Where will I live?
The bigger decisions are the ones that will affect your life and the life of others.

Why do you discern?

We discern in order to discover God’s call, God’s invitation and desire for us. God’s desire is for our happiness. We will find it when we follow the path that God is calling us to follow in life. We each have a personal call from God, that is our personal vocation. One of the biggest decisions that we are all called to make is the choice of our vocation in life.

How do you discern?

These are some points that can assist us as we make decisions:
  • Pray for guidance
  • Be open to God’s will
  • Know your values
  • Know your gifts and talents
  • Name your fears
  • Listen to your heart
  • Be aware of your desires
  • Pay attention to your past experiences
  • Talk to others who know you
  • Gather information
  • List advantages
  • List disadvantages
After you have made a decision ask yourself:
  • Are you free in your decision?
  • Do you experience peace?
  • How does it feel in your gut?
  • Do you have confirmation that supports your decision?

If you want more information about discernment, please contact us.