A Time and a Place for Prayer

You can pray any time, and anywhere! Here are some suggestions, however, for setting a mood which may help.

Creating a special space for prayer

Find a quiet place where you can be alone. If indoors, choose a specific space in a room, perhaps a corner that is not used for anything else. You might like a small table and chair. You could cover the table with a small cloth and put a Bible, a holy picture, and a candle, or tea-light, either real or flameless on it. If the flame is real, please make sure to blow it out before you leave the area.

Setting the mood for the space

Shut off the ringer on any phones. If you feel you need some sound you might consider some spiritual or meditative music played at a low level. Choose a favourite colour for the cloth and/or candle(s). You could use a colour to match the liturgical season, and the picture could also be changed for the season. In Advent, I like to use one pink and three purple candles for the four Sundays of Advent and a white candle for Christmas. In Lent, I like to use one pink and five purple candles for the Sundays in Lent and one white candle for Easter.

Finding a regular time

The quietness of early morning and just before bed are often good times for prayer. You may find other times during your day, or you could seek out a church or a chapel for a quiet place in the middle of the day. Pick a time and try to stay with it for a while. If it doesn’t work out, don’t be discouraged: just pick another time until you find a time that fits best for you. Some people like to have different times depending on the day or their personal schedule of school and/or work.

Amount of time for prayer

How much time you spend in prayer is very personal. Sometimes you may need 30 minutes or more, other times you may only need five minutes. In the beginning, you may wish to start with a few minutes and gradually increase the time. Remember: you are getting to know God more personally, and God is very patient. God, who is eternal, will always wait for you and does not count the minutes.

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