What is it?

This short, written exercise is to assist you in expressing your thoughts and feelings. It is also a way of deepening your relationship with God. It provides you with a way of recording your ongoing spiritual development.

How do I do it?

  • Bring a book that you can write in to a comfortable, quiet place.
  • Say what's on your mind. What do you want to discuss?
  • Start writing in your own words what is on your mind. Write freely without editing or judging.
  • Describe the context, the background and your inner feelings. Even "irrational feelings" should be noted.
  • Write as if you were speaking to a close friend.
  • Suggestions to help you start writing:
    • It all started when…
    • It took place at…
    • My feelings at the time were…
    • My feelings now are…
  • Ask God for what you want. Enter into a dialogue with God about what you have written about. Let God write to you.
    • What I want to know is…
    • What I need your help with God is…

Adapted from the Jesuit Fathers of Upper Canada, Ania Pilgrims Handbook, 2002

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