Would you like to stay active and meet other young adults?

Faith Connections invites young adults 18-39 to join us for Hike and Prayer adventures designed to nurture our spiritual lives while letting us explore interesting areas of our beautiful city of Toronto.

Since 2008, Faith Connections has been providing regular opportunities for young adults to gather, walk together, pray and reflect. Hike and Prayer is an opportunity to slow down with God and enjoy the beauty of nature, and it will allow you an opportunity to engage your faith while being active and meeting others.

"The Hike and Prayer series allows young people to find God through physical and spiritual activity. It provides young adults with the opportunity to get away from the noise of society and to reflect, just like getting into nature on your own." — Sarah Gagliano, The Catholic Register.

As the group hikes — usually for between 2 to 4 hours depending on the location — you'll have a chance to meet other like-minded young adults who hope to find God through physical and spiritual activity. Along the way, we will have different points where we will stop to pray communally or split into smaller groups to discuss topics and questions based on the hike's theme or on what we encounter along the way. It's a comfortable social setting, and the prayer reflection and faith really deepens the whole experience.

"Nature gives me clarity of mind, just being able to think about things. Just being given that time to do that was a real blessing... Everyone got so much out of it and were able to connect their experience on the hike back to their relationship with God." — Michalina Ratajczak

We plan our Hike and Prayer events in all seasons and in a variety of locations — from nearby nature trails such as those at Humber Bay Park or the Evergreen Brick Works, to urban hikes at events such as Nuit Blanche or Doors Open Toronto.

Upcoming Hikes

We haven't announced the dates of our next Hike and Prayer events yet, but if you are interested in the program and would like to be notified, please contact us!